Myths and Facts: What do you know about Adult & Vocational Education?

Myth or Fact

False. Almost 80%

No prerequisites are needed to enter a vocational training program. (T/F)

False. Depending on the program, you need pre-requisites ranging from Secondary 3 to Secondary 5 English, French, or Math.

You have to be 18 or older to register at a vocational school. (T/F)

False. 16

The graduation rate for full-time students in vocational training is over 85%. (T/F)


Once in adult general education, you cannot go back to Cegep or University. (T/F)

False. Graduates can continue their education in their vocation through continued training in Vocational or CEGEP-level courses.

Graduates from vocational programs make less than University graduates. (T/F)

False. With an ever-increasing demand for qualified skilled workers, students can move directly from the classroom to the workforce. The average weekly salary of our graduates is $695. Certain trades can average $900 a week. These salaries are comparable to a university graduate’s salary!

Vocational training programs are expensive. (T/F)

False. Programs are 100% tuition free for Quebec residents. Students pay only a registration fee (in some boards only), and the cost of books, materials. and/or tools.

Vocational education is mainly for older populations. (T/F)

False. Nation wide, 15% (2018 Statcan) of students aged 16 and 24 were enrolled in vocational education programs. In some centres it has averaged over 49% over the past 3 years!

Companies use adult centres to train and certify their employees. (T/F)

True. Most centers’ have a Service to Business model and are constantly approached by companies to train their employees.

Vocational training centres only offer trade programs.

False. Most centres offer other programs like web development, starting a business, accounting and health assistance & nursing.

Teachers from industry, state of the art facilities, close to 100% job placement.
It’s time to change the paradigm about Adult and Vocational Education!