Modules of Learning

The modules section has support in these areas: Secretarial, Guidance–Oriented Approach, SARCA, SI/SVI teachers and a Myths page about AE.

The modules are divided into 4 areas: Clients, Your centre, Interaction and Tips.  Information was obtained through researching best-practices and discussion with veteran secretaries and administrative assistance.

A guidance-oriented approach is a concerted approach by a school team and its partners, in which objectives are set and services (individual and collective), tools and pedagogical activities implemented to guide students in their identity development and career planning.

There are SARCA development officers in all school boards and service centres in Québec. The goal of SARCA development officers is to help potential clients in all aspects of their educational project. The target audience are clients without a high school diploma, at-risk and those with neurological disorders, immigrants and indigenous populations.

When supporting student’s with developmental disabilities, teachers can achieve significant progress by proactively managing the learning environment to prevent behavior issues and facilitate learning. However, some students may face challenges in behavior or learning due to deficits in essential skills, such as social interaction abilities with peers. As a result, it is crucial to incorporate explicit skills training in deficit areas as a central component of the curriculum for student’s with developmental disabilities.

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