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In the documents section you will find information to help you clarify the needs of potential students. You will also find a transmission sheet to fill in student data. We have also included a guide to the acronyms used in the education system in Québec.

The FAQ section has 70+ common questions, divided into 6 categories, that secretaries get every day. It also includes some resources you can suggest to callers.

Within the module section you will find support in getting to know the clientele, their needs and also approaches to supporting them. The modules are divided into 4 areas: Clients, Your centre, Interaction and Tips.


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Videos in this section will give you a foundation for the types of clients needing support in our centres. It complements sections in our Modules page.

The contact form will allow you to contact us so we can add your question ideas to our FAQ section. You can also send us feedback and suggestions to improve our collaborative website.

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